Will being a father change Rafael Nadal’s plans on the time he stays on tour?

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“I am not thinking about retirement…when it will be, it will be,” Rafael Nadal, ranked no. 2 in the world has said to people thinking his retirement is near. He has had his share of injuries and low performing court competitions.

Despite his age of 36, Nadal’s priorities may have changed since becoming a dad, less than a month ago on October 8th. He now has a lot to consider in his personal as well as professional life on being a tennis player. The season is three-quarters over and the Spaniard has had a bad foot injury during the French Open.

It was a lot to deal with and Nadal has said that “I’m not going to lie to you. During Roland Garros I thought that it could be my last tournament…the foot…has been a disaster…” Then it was an abdominal injury that caused him to withdraw during Wimbledon and he was unable to go deep at this year’s U.S.

Open. It was the third round where he defeated Richard Gasquet but in the Round of 16, then lost to Frances Tiafoe in 4 sets. The situation was scary for Nadal as he remembers back saying “I busted my abs at Wimbledon…I don’t really feel (like retiring) nor do I want to think about it,” he emphasizes.

The tour situations have created a push for Nadal to perform when at times he might not have wanted. It was out of obligation that the Spaniard flew to London to play doubles with Roger Federer at the Laver Cup since it was the Swiss’s last time on the court before retiring.

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