What are the most common programming languages used in Germany?

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In this composition, we’re going to dissect real data to corroborate which programming languages are being used in Germany and what are the most popular programming languages in Germany.

For this, we’re going to use data from Stackoverflow’s 2021 and 2022 Periodic inventory checks.
The provocation behind this design includes answers to the following questions

What programming languages are most used to work and which programming languages are most required in Germany?

We can notice that languages like JavaScript, HTML/ CSS, and Python are still in the top positions. mound Overflow 2021 check data and Stack Overflow 2022 check data

We can see that in 2022 three programming languages have risen similar as JavaScript, Python, and SQL, still, SQL and Python are more related together for the data analysis field which proves enhancement in this field in Germany.

What are the most wanted programming languages in Germany?

We can see that Python, JavaScript, and HTML/ CSS are still at the top list of wanted languages.

utmost of the programming languages that have appeared as programming languages most used at work also appeared in the ranking of utmost wanted programming languages, this shows us that are numerous people wanting to learn these languages.

How do programming languages used at work relate to programming languages people want to learn?

By looking at the raw data, we can spot some patterns similar to people that use python at work, for illustration, python is also cited as a language that those people want to learn in the coming time.

A natural question arises
“ The pattern observed for python holds for the other languages ”

To address this question, we erected a heat chart that indicates how the work programming languages were related to the asked programming languages. The darker the position gets, the further related the programming language is.

With this figure we can have two insights:

  1. As is evidenced by the diagonal line, people who already work with a programming language have a strong probability of wanting to learn the same programming language.
  2. People who work with a programming language of a specific area, tend to want to learn programming languages of the same area. For example, HTML/CSS, and TypeScript are strongly correlated with JavaScript.

Which occupations are most popular in Germany?

FullStack development is the most popular occupation among actors in 2021 and 2022.

Full-mound inventor, Back- end inventor, and Front- end inventor is the most popular occupation among actors after 2022.
Desktop inventors and DevOps specialists are the current occupations among actors in 2021, whereas in 2022 it tends to be decelerating.


In this composition, we took a look at what were the most popular and utmost prejudiced programming languages, according to Stackoverflow’s 2021 and 2022 Periodic inventor Survey data.

We’ve seen that some programming languages similar to JavaScript, Python, and HTML/ CSS still dominate.
The literacy trend is going on as per the demand for these languages in Germany. It seems that numerous old languages still have their value and are in important demand.
People who formerly worked with a certain programming language tend to learn that language or related languages within identified areas to ameliorate their chops.
Full-mound web inventor, Back- end inventor, Front end inventor are the most popular occupation among actors after 2022.

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