Tiger Woods on the list of the 10 most searched people

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The year 2022 was filled with scandals and interesting news. Google searches in 2022: who are the most searched for and why? According to gossip, these are quite famous people making an impact on modern history. As a result of the recent death of Queen Elizabeth, the oldest noblewoman in the history of Great Britain has become the world’s most searched-for person.

In the wake of her passing, millions of people thought they would like to know more about her successor, Prince Charles, and the newly appointed royal companion, Camilla. Meghan Markle, the queen’s relative and one of the most interesting wives to have married into the royal family, is the most Googled after the new king.

Apparently, the English media is opposed to anything Meghan does, and one reason for their hatred is her American heritage and desire to set her own rules. There has been a lot of interest in Alec Baldwin this year. Alec accidentally fatally wounded a colleague with a rifle on the recording set, which is one reason for his absence.

The birth of the actor’s eighth children is another major topic. Alec became a father again at the age of 64, and the whole world was surprised.

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