Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney had some interesting statements via Twitter

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Tiger Woods' former coach Hank Haney had some interesting statements via Twitter

Tiger Woods‘ former coach Hank Haney had some interesting statements via Twitter. Haney first posted an old picture of McIlroy in which Rory makes an interesting hand gesture indicating money. Haney emphasized that LIV Golf is a great place for players, and believes that if the PGA and LIV Golf are creating problems for each other, they should find a way to co-exist.

Rory has all the plutocrat anyone could ever hope for, ” he wrote. “ LIV Golf has been great for the players that left and for the players that stayed. I suppose it remains to be seen whether it’s good or bad for the game but if that’s a concern also everyone needs to figure out how to co-occur ”.

Hank Haney on LIV Golf and PGA Tour
Haney made an intriguing comparison between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. Haney seems to be a big addict of the stint patronized by Saudi Arabia. It’s intriguing how his statements will affect other players and leaders of the Tour.

“ I love how if you ’re a addict of the PGA Tour but you do n’t suppose everything is great about it and if you suppose competition makes everyone better and you suppose it’s good that players make a lot of plutocrat, also people call you a lot of bad effects, enough amazing, ” he added.

Haney also reflected on McIlroy and his drop that was awarded on the 18th, but only after his swin was impeded by a grandstand. Certain effects aren’t clear to Haney. “ Not that it would have signified but I do n’t get it, ” he wrote.

“ Rory’s ball was still behind his marker doubly after dropping it and doubly after placing it and also he got to place it again. Looked like you can just keep playing it until you have the ball on a tee ”. LIV Golf and the PGA Tour will be in contention for a long time.

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