Tiger Woods fell on the OWGR list and that is his lowest position ever. He is now ranked World No

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Tiger Woods announces PopStroke Tour Championship set for late October in Florida

Tiger Woods fell on the OWGR list and that is his lowest position ever. He is now ranked World No.1206. This was expected considering how long he did not play and what the injury did to the best player in the world. The car accident he had in 2021 influenced Woods to have problems with injuries.

He played only three times this season, which is relatively many for a player who dominated events around the world. After the auto accident, Woods was in fear and upset about his health. still, the effects turned out better than he anticipated, given that it could have been much worse.

A time ago, Woods spoke about his accident” This bone’s been much more delicate( than the 10 combined on my knee and back). The knee stuff that I had on my left knee, those operations were one thing, that is one position.
Also, you add the reverse, which is another position. And also with this right leg, it’s hard to explain how delicate it has been just to be immobile for three months, just lay there and I was just looking forward to getting outside.

That was a thing of mine.” he said, as quoted bygolfmonthly.com
Leg Injury
There was also a fear that he could lose his hair, but luckily that did not be. Woods returned to play in April, at the Masters. We could incontinently notice that he wasn’t as ready as usual and that he’d have problems.

nonetheless, he gathered his strength, gave his stylish, and showed his love for golf.” I said it( Monday) I am lucky to be alive but also still have the branch. Those are two pivotal effects. I am veritably thankful that someone upstairs was taking care of me, that I am suitable to not only be then but also to walk without a prosthesis.” We hope for his return as soon as possible.

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