“Roger Federer will do it in 2023,” said René Stauffer

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"Roger Federer will do it in 2023," said René Stauffer

René Stauffer, RogerFederer’s chronicler, concentrated on the fate of the Swiss in an exclusive relaxed interview with Clay Tennis. He told” I do not suppose he’ll retire to Basel. It would make no sense to be operated on and suffer a long recuperation to play just one event and hail everyone.

still, he’ll keep playing, If he’s fit when he returns. No doubt he’ll do it in 2023. still, he will suppose of the right way to say goodbye, If the effects do not work out. perhaps he will organize a game in front of,000 observers, like the one played in Cape Town, or a world stint to say hello to everyone.
He will not do it in Basel. He worked hard, he did everything veritably precisely. He has an excellent athletic coach like Pierre Paganini, a good croaker
. And, overall, he really wants to come back. Last time he wasn’t in the stylish physical shape of him and still reached the round of 16 at the Roland Garros and the quarter- tests at Wimbledon.


I suppose he’ll come back to contend for the public because they enjoy watching him play. He wants to play in that inconceivable atmosphere, to feel those passions again. Will there be a third biographical book? I do not know if there will be much further to add to his career.
He’ll presumably want to tell his story about him. He could calculate on a notorious pen, as did Andre Agassi.”

Roger Federer is ready
Roger Federer is back to training on the court and the images posted on his Instagram account on August 21st have excited all tennis suckers.

The Swiss were forced to suffer a new knee operation and played his last functionary match at Wimbledon in 2021. Federer’s thing is to take the field in 2022 at the Laver Cup and the ATP 500 event in Basel and also concentrate on the coming season.

The question marks about the future of the Swiss are unfortunately still multitudinous because everything will depend on the physical conditions that characterize his commitments and his athletic medication.

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