‘Roger Federer was physically exhausted’, says ATP ace

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The Laver Cup was the stage in which the magnificent relationship between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was most evident. The Swiss chose the event held at the O2 Arena in London to say goodbye (as a player) to the world of tennis definitively, and he wished that the Spaniard, his literal rival, would also be present.

A relationship, that of Roger and Rafa, which over time has progressed more and more until it has come to a true fellowship. A relationship that, still, has not always been all sun and roses, especially at the time when Nadal first appeared among the greats of tennis and began to sculpt out his own space with competitive ferocity.
There was an occasion, for illustration, that represented a point of pressure between the two and was reported by Steve Flink, a well- known American intelligence, in the podcast entitled” Court- side with Beilinson Tennis”

” There were necessary moments of awkwardness, like the Rome final in 2006, when Roger allowed
Toni Nadal was talking too much. But they got over those moments fluently and snappily. When they played three French Open tests in a row and Wimbledon at the same time, there was no way anything like it.
How can we not admire each other when each player is good enough to reach the final in the face of the other? So I suppose, in a way, the enormous respect they’ve for each other was cemented at that point.” The images of the beautiful and moving handshake between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal during the Swiss tennis player’s farewell form at the Laver Cup have gone around the world.

To the sound of the melodious music of the notorious songster Ellie Goulding, the Swiss champion and his rival- a lifelong friend couldn’t hold back their gashes, indeed blubbing
with emotion.
Mannarino on facing Federer
In an interview with our tennis associates, Adrian Mannarino talks about his relationship with Roger Federer.

He evokes the notorious dogfight at Wimbledon where he’d give up indeed though he felt that his opponent wasn’t in Olympic form. “ It was a good game for me. I felt comfortable on the court, but I also felt that Roger was surely not at his stylish.

He was physically exhausted and not moving as well as ahead. It would have been good if it had been his last game( laughs). It was terrible to get seriously injured and my whole summer was affected. either, I lost the match itself. All of this was on top of my birthday. It’s not a good memory.”

SOURCE; https://www.tennisworldusa.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/122417/-roger-federer-was-physically-exhausted-says-atp-ace/

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