Rafael Nadal’s deal with Nike worth in 2022

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Rafael Nadal is undoubtedly the biggest player in tennis that is attached to a sponsorship deal with sporting superbrand Nike although Naomi Osaka has given him a run for his money in terms of marketability.

Since very early on in his career, Nike and Nadal have been partners with the Spanish superstar sporting a number of signature looks courtesy of the iconic brand.

Nike has long sought to associate itself with the best of the best from Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods.

Rafael Nadal wears Nike shoes and apparel during matches and even away from the court as he is often spotted underneath a peak that sports the famous swoosh.

Nike owns the rights to the trademarked Raging Bull symbol that appears on the clothing custom-made for Nadal as well as on a range of clothing and other apparel for sale to the general public.

While the Raging Bull symbol is widely associated with Nadal and is seen as his personal logo, it is in fact the property of Nike who registered the trademark.

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