Novak Djokovic has nothing to worry about’, says top analyst

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The Belgian footballer and husband of Marion Bartoli, Yahya Boumediene, has described Novak Djokovic as “the only one” and has also indicated that he believes that the Serbian is the best tennis player of all time.

On his Instagram story, Boumediene posted the fact that Djokovic has the loftiest winning chance in men’s tennis history. Boumediene identified his Instagram story” The One( The Goat Emoji)” It wasn’t the first time that Boumediene intimately supported Djokovic.

In August when Djokovic was hoping to get the green light to contend at the US Open- Boumediene posted on his Instagram Story” Without Novak, no tennis” Unfortunately for Boumediene, that didn’t be. After missing the entire North American hard court stint, Djokovic lifted back- to- back titles at the Tel Aviv Open and Astana Open.
Last week, in the Kazakh capital, Djokovic lifted his 90th title.” I dared to dream, really. I always had the stopgap that I was going to have a great career. Obviously, I did not know how numerous tests I was going to play, how numerous events I was going to win, but my intention was always to reach to the top in our sport.

I’m veritably thankful and blessed to be suitable to play so well at this stage of my life. You know, 35 times isn’t 25. But I suppose the experience presumably in these kind of matches and big occasions also helps to concentrate mentally in the right way,” Djokovic explained.
Falkner reflects on Djokovic
Tennis presenter Brad Falkner lately raised his opinion about Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer on the Court- Side with Beilinson Tennis podcast. “ The figures do n’t lie.

So, a fair shake, statistically, I suppose he’s done really well. He has one lower major than( Rafael Nadal) but else, I suppose statistically he has nothing to worry about. I suppose he’s a better tennis player, ” he said.

“ I suppose it’s too bad. I suppose that it’s insolvable, beget basically, you ’ve got, it’s like Lennon and McCartney, that George Harrison was inversely as talented; but it was always John( Lennon) and Paul( McCartney).

I suppose the same could be said with Roger and Rafa; Djokovic is more fat; but the media and the suckers, they grew up with further Roger- Rafa ” he editorialized, adding, “ Novak did n’t get on the board till important latterly.

So that was formerly the established contest. It would have been as if Tracy with Martina and Chrissie, if she did n’t get injured ”.

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