Novak Djokovic did not start the season in the best way. The Belgrade-born tennis player was the favorite for the Australian Open,

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Novak Djokovic did not start the season in the best way. The Belgrade-born tennis player was the favorite for the Australian Open, as holder of the title and dominator of the tournament, but upon his arrival, the situation took an unexpected turn.

Despite the authorization entered from a medical commission, the city government didn’t issue the visa to the former number one in the world, since he wasn’t vaccinated against Covid19 in this way, the whole matter was transferred to the judicial position.

The Melbourne Federal Court, in an alternate case, decided that Novak Djokovic couldn’t enter Australian soil, but the judgment also had other counteraccusations the Serbian tennis player won’t be suitable to enter Australia for the coming three times, since his visa has been abandoned.
A handicap that the director of Tennis Australia tries to overcome.” We’re on the way to get the stylish players in the world back. All of them,” said Craig Tiley, without explicitly mentioning Novak Djokovic’s name” Right now we’re in a veritably different health situation than a many months agone

This leads me to suppose that we can have the most stylish players in the world in many months.” Craig Tiley’s words were answered by the Belgrade tennis player himself. The winner of nine Australian Open titles gave his opinion in the press conference after his palm in Astana against Garin, fastening on the way he has to take to decide his presence in the event where he has won the most.
“ I’m still staying for news about the lifting of the three-time ban that was assessed on me on the morning of the time. When it’s lifted, it’ll be necessary to apply for a visa. It’s a two-step process.”

Mouratoglou reflects on Djokovic
Patrick Mouratoglou stated that Novak Djokovic’ssingle-most important thing was to take the lead over Rafael Nadal in the each- time Grand Slam race.

” There’s one of the most intriguing effects in the history of our game that’s taking place at the moment, which is this race,” Mouratoglou said in a videotape on his Instagram runner.” At this stage of his career, Novak has one thing, which is to win as numerous Grand Slams as possible because he is into a race with Rafa.

He does not have numerous chances, he has only 2 per time, because at the moment he does not play the Australian Open and the US Open.” Djokovic won the Tel Aviv Open last week and is presently sharing at the Astana Open, before shifting his focus to the bigger events- the Paris Masters and the ATP Tests.

” I suppose it’s delicate for him and I also suppose it’s one of the reasons why he is playing these lower-ranked events because he needs to keep the meter and keep the provocation in order to get ready for the Australian Open,” Mouratoglou expressed.

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