Mickey Rourke ‘She is ABSOLUTELY a gold-digger

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Mickey Rourke has branded friend Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard a ‘gold-digger.’

During a candid interview with Piers Morgan, 57, for Talk TV, actor Mickey, 69, said: ‘Well, you know, I know Johnny for many years, but I don’t really know him intimately. 

‘All I could say is I was in a situation one time where I got blamed for something that I didn’t do. It cost me movie jobs for several years and it caused a bad reputation. 

‘She is ABSOLUTELY a gold-digger: Mickey Rourke laid into Johnny Depp’s ex Amber Heard on Talk TV on Tuesday and claimed he was also unfairly canceled like his movie star friend
Acrimonious: Johnny won his libel case against Amber, 36, (pictured) in June, saying he now has ‘his life back’ after the jury ruled he was defamed and awarded him $15million

‘And finally, the truth came out but the truth came out after I lost movies and I lost jobs and and so I felt bad for somebody that is trying to get chopped down by some gold digger, you know.’

Piers said: ‘You think that’s what she was?’ 

‘Abso- f***ing-lutely. Absolutely,’ he replied. 

Johnny won his libel case against Amber, 36, in June, saying he now has ‘his life back’ after the jury ruled he was defamed and awarded him $ 15 million. 

After less than three days of deliberation, the jury ruled in favor of all three of Depp’s defamation claims against Heard, finding that she had falsely accused him of domestic abuse.

Not holding back: Piers asked Mickey if he thought Amber is a gold-digger and he replied: ‘Abso- f***ing-lutely. Absolutely’

The actor was awarded $15million – $10million in compensation and $5million in punitive damages.

Heard meanwhile won just one of her three countersuit claims, which related to statements made by Depp’s lawyer suggesting she and friends had trashed their apartment before calling the police out.

She was awarded $2million in compensatory damages out of the $100million she was seeking in her countersuit against her ex-husband and received zero dollars in punitive damages.

The judge later reduced Depp’s $5million punitive damages award to the Virginia maximum of $350,000, reducing Depp’s total to $10,350,000 – minus the $2million he was ordered to pay Heard.

Depp walks away from the case with $8.35million.

Once so close: Mickey (left) and Johnny (right ) – who worked together on 2003’s Once Upon A Time In Mexico – seen together in 1993

But in November, an English High Court judge branded Depp ‘a monster’ who had battered Amber Heard 12 times – as the Hollywood star lost his sensational £5million ‘wife-beater’ libel battle.

In his ruling, the judge found Depp had attacked his ex-wife Heard a dozen times and said he accepted that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor became a ‘monster’ when he binged on drink and drugs.

Depp called the judgment ‘perverse’ and ‘bewildering’ as he vowed the appeal of the ruling after his high-stakes battle against his ex-wife Heard and The Sun newspaper.

Following a blockbuster 16-day trial London’s High Court Mr. Justice Nicol said he accepted that the actor had hit Heard on 12 of the 14 times she had claimed.


Jubilant Heard’s lawyers said they were ‘not surprised’ by her stunning victory in which the judge found she had been beaten by the actor while he was out of control on cocaine, pills and booze.

But Depp’s lawyers blasted the judge, saying, calling the ruling ‘as perverse as it is bewildering’.

In May 2016, Johnny, Mickey stood up for Johnny when being interviewed by TMZ in Beverly Hills, saying. ‘He doesn’t seem like a very violent man to me.’

The two worked together on the 2003 film Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

‘He’s a very low key guy, he’s always been really low key and a gentleman and not violent.’

Worn out: Heard leaving court in LA in 2016, after claiming Depp physically assaulted her

When asked what he thought of Heard, Mickey played it safe. ‘I have no idea, I don’t know anything about her. I know nothing about her at all.’

He then got back to Johnny. ‘I think he’s a really good guy, always been low key, a gentleman,’ said the former boxer.

The second part of Piers Morgan’s Mickey Rourke interview aired on Tuesday on Piers Morgan Uncensored at 8pm.

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