Lily-Rose Depp Finally Divulged The Truth About Her Famous Parents

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Plenty of Hollywood’s elite goes on to produce mini-mes that are instantly born into super-star status. And a good portion of those star-studded kids do their best to lay low and do their thing away from the limelight — but not Lily-Rose Depp. As the daughter of none other than controversial actor Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose hasn’t been so lucky with slipping under the radar. But what does the rising star actually think of her ultra-famous mom and dad? Well, now we know because she’s finally opened up about what they’re like as parents.

Where it all began

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As you’d expect, Lily-Rose has had a spotlight on her ever since she was born back in 1999. That was a big year in her father’s career as well. The Johnny Depp-starring movie Sleepy Hollow, directed by the actor’s longtime collaborator Tim Burton, came out just a few months after Lily-Rose was born.

And even though her parents had only been together for a year, things looked promising for the long term.


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