Welcome back Jack Sparrow JOHNNY DEPP 301 million Disney Deal comeback confirmed

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Disney is hopeless for Depp! According to an assiduity bigwig, the company is preparing a USD$ 301 million deal as a formal reason and a request for the cherished actor to return as Jack Sparrow in the rovers of the Caribbean ballot.

FlashBack hearing about how Johnny Depp allegedly said he wouldn’t do another rovers film indeed for$ 300 million and a million alpacas? Well, although it may have just been a joke, Disney is willing to put their plutocrat where Depp’s mouth is and offer him indeed more!

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According to a trusted source close to Disney, the Mouse House company is putting together a deal too good to turn down!
“ Disney is veritably interested in doctoring up their relationship with Johnny Depp. They reached out to the actor previous to his vilification trial against Amber Heard and asked whether he’d be interested in returning for another rover film or two.


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