I Wish I Know these before starting to learn Coding

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Learning to law has been the most stylish decision I’ve made so far. It helped me go from making$ 1k/ time to$ 500 per month as a 20- time-old boy from India.

Then are the effects I wish I knew before starting all of these ;

✘ Trying to conquer everything

I was like a jack of all trades, a master of none. I learned c, c, Python, a little bit of Java, and JavaScript. I indeed tried to learn pen testing formerly. Learning different languages will no way make you a good programmer, develop the capability to break the problem

✘ Giving up too quickly

I was 15 when I first heard the term” rendering,” and I was veritably interested in learning to law. As always, like anyone, I went to YouTube and checked for a course and saw a 10- plus hour course. Seeing that was too important demotivating and left Coding at that time.

✘ The fancy tutorial hell

I was stuck when I started my coding trip at 17, I was falling in love with watching tutorials. It took me further than 6 months to fete that I was wedged watching videotape after videotape. latterly, I started doing paid systems to get relief from that.

Think before Coding

Indeed if you aren’t a competitive programmer looking for a stylish result, you have to have a plan for what you should do. I was like lets fu * king law it first, but that was worse when I was stuck at a point and the option left wing is to redo everything

Have a Plan for everything

Still, draw a simple sketch if you don’t have a design( if you can go for it), If you’re erecting a website. However, divide it into small portions, If you’re erecting an operation. It really helps

Thinking that coding is always fun

It’s not the case, occasionally you enjoy what you do, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always I was into freelancing and had a lot of bad gests with guests.

Comparing with others

I compared myself with someone who was having a good experience, and it always had a bad impact on me. Compare yourself to yourself only and try to take alleviation from others( don’t try to be like them), but yeah, you can always get inspired by them.

My advice for you( take it only if you suppose it’s a good fit for you)
Technologies change time by time, If you have your fundamentals strong and if you’re Flexible you can learn anything( not each together)
You don’t always need to watch 3 hours of courses for simple content, go read a blog for that
You can always search google to break a problem if you can’t break it on your own
Take a break, you have enough time( do n’t procrastinate, however) Learn Everything about commodity and commodity about Everything( I do this, just a suggestion)

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