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Oops, she did it again. Britney Spears’ Instagram account has faded for the 2nd time.

suckers of the newlywed are not going to find any dancing or twirling vids when heading to her runner. rather, they’ll be met with the classic” Sorry, this runner is not available” communication.
The songster’s been really active on the platform recently– expressing her opinions about her family, her recent marriage, and the conservatorship– but that is all coming to a whistling halt. It’s still unclear if she pulled the draw, or if the platform shut her runner down.

As you will recall, the same thing happen back in March, again, without warning. in the heat of her severely honest posts about her time in the conservatorship. While suckers suspected Instagram was the bone
that pulled her from the platform, our IG sources said it was all Britney’s decision.

She ultimately returned to the app, getting back into her old habits of posting snaps, eyes locked on the camera– she noway explained her reason for departing last time, but still got tons of suckers drinking her back.

Who knows how long we’ll be missing Britney’s posts– only time will tell if this leave is endless.

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