bernard tomic ‘I cried for Roger Federer’

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Former world number 17 Bernard Tomic paid tribute to Roger Federer by describing the Swiss as one of the greatest in tennis history. Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, retired from tennis after the Laver Cup. Tomic, 29, has faced Federer four times.

In those four meetings, Tomic didn’t get a single palm over Federer. Tomic won only one set in those four matches, as he took a set from Federer when they played in the Davis Cup in 2011.” One of the most stylish players in history.

An honor to play with you. Nothing but love,” Tomic wrote on his Instagram Story. Tomic, who in his day was a top- 20 player, is now ranked 659th in the world. But in recent weeks Tomic has won back-to-back ITF titles in Cancun.
” Thanks again for the support. F— the haters, I am going to prove them wrong,” Tomic wrote on his Instagram Story after winning back-to-back titles in Cancun. The last many times haven’t been easy for Tomic, who admitted there were miscalculations on his part.

But he’s now completely committed to tennis and wants to achieve success before he retires.” I have had a lot of hate in my life. But I can not give up. Do you suppose I do not see the hate commentary? It hurts me,” Tomic said in December.
” In history, I used to let it get to me and reply out of asininity.”

Chela pays homage to King Roger
Juan Ignacio Chela, the former Argentine champion, winner of six titles on the ATP circuit, was questioned at length by our associates from La Nacion.

He mentioned a good number of subjects similar to his retraining as a trainer without forgetting the withdrawal of the Swiss, Roger Federer. The former 15th player in the world, and current Argentinian trainer Diego Schwartzman explained, like numerous others, that he couldn’t hold back his gashes and his emotion when reading the letter from the maestro publicizing his withdrawal.

“ The verity is that I cried. It was hard. I suppose this is the first time I’ve cried for tennis. I was at home and when I saw the news it was like In fact, he was retired, because he had not played for time, but we were all hoping to see him one last time.

He said he was getting ready, and that he was fine. I said to myself He’s such a genius that perhaps at some point he’ll come back and do commodity. The news was like a lemon, and everything about the Laver Cup, the withdrawal, with Rafa crying, it was emotional, it was veritably emotional”, said the Argentinian.

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