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As we well know by now, Amber’s lawyers have gone on record to say she can’t afford to pay the $8.3 million in damages awarded to Johnny by the jury … and it remains to be seen if Depp and co. are, in fact, going to enforce it. His attorneys have signaled they might not.

Still, the fact Amber’s been doing press lately and trying to present evidence she says proves her case probably isn’t sitting well with JD … not to mention the fact she keeps threatening to appeal. Time will tell if he just pulls the trigger and holds her to the judgment.

Either way, it’s a precarious time in Amber’s life — not only could she be forced to pay this money she doesn’t have, but she’s also at risk of losing a lot of work going forward.

The fact is, she hasn’t been booked much of late. While Amber’s implied that’s because she has a daughter in her life now … it’s also possible/likely nobody is calling her phone for acting gigs. She’s already been paid for ‘Aquaman 2,’ and that was only a couple mil.

So, when the going gets tough, hit up TJ Maxx. No shame in that … right?

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Johnny Depp defamation trial juror says NONE of them believed Amber Heard’s ‘crocodile tears’ 

One of the jurors from the explosive Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial broke their silence on Thursday to slam Heard’s claims the jury was mesmerized by her famous ex and that the verdict was unfair, insisting that they followed the evidence and were ‘uncomfortable’ with her emotional outbursts.

The male juror spoke anonymously to Good Morning America to say that he and the other jurors were ‘uncomfortable’ with how Heard stared at them throughout the trial and that they struggled to believe her when she went from ‘crying’ to being ‘ice cold’. 

He denied her claim that it was a trial by social media, revealing that three of the jurors do not have Facebook or Twitter. 

‘The crying, the facial expressions, the staring at the jury…all of us were very uncomfortable,’ the man, one of five on the jury, said.

Heard has repeatedly suggested that Depp only won the trial because he is more famous and likable than she is. 

However, the juror on Thursday said they reached their verdict based on the evidence in the case. 

‘ A lot of her story did not add up. the maturity of the jury felt that she was the raider. The weeping, the facial expressions that she had, the gaping at the jury. All of us were veritably uncomfortable. she’d answer one question and she’d be crying and two seconds latterly she’d turn into an ice-cold wave.

‘Some of us used the expression “crocodile tears”, he said.

Johnny Depp defamation trial juror says NONE of crypto
The anonymous male juror told Good Morning America on Thursday the jury did not believe Heard’s ‘crocodile tears’ and were all uncomfortable with how she kept staring at them throughout the trial. She is shown on the TODAY show yesterday (left) 

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