Amber Heard Rages On Johnny Depp For Selling Their Penthouse

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Johnny Depp might WAIVE the $8,000,000 damages claim against Amber

There have been some new updates in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s vilification claims.

Now, attorneys for the rovers of the Caribbean actor are intimating the possibility that he could drop his$ 8 million damages claim if Heard decides not to appeal the verdict in their recent vilification case.

Depp’s legal platoon appeared on the TV program Good Morning America on June 8, where they claimed the case was noway about the plutocrat, but rather about their customer’s character.
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Host George Stephanopoulos noted that Heard’s attorneys blazoned plans to appeal incompletely because Heard doesn’t have the finances to pay the judgment.

” You have said that the thing wasn’t go bankrupt. Heard — is it possible that we could see an agreement where she foregoes the appeal in return for. Depp signaling any financial damages?” Stephanopoulos asked.
Depp’s legal platoon answered by saying that while they could not note on their private exchanges with the actor, the case was” noway about plutocrat for Mr. Depp.” Rather, they claimed, it was about” restoring his character and he has done that.”

Stephanopoulos tried to press Depp’s legal platoon further.
” So you’re not telling any boons, but it sounds like that’s a commodity that could be on the table but it’s up toMs. Heard?” he continued.

still, Depp’s platoon remained mute. Watch below

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Read further Depp Could Drop$ 8 Million Damages Claim Against Heard


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