20 Best Johnny Depp movies

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Best Johnny Depp movies

Johnny Depp is one of the best-known character actors in his movies. Although Johnny Depp movies have never won an Academy Award, Johnny Depp films have a highly distinctive and original look. He has garnered various accolades, such as a Golden Globe, and has been nominated three times.

Some of the most noteworthy characters that Johnny Depp has played in his films are Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, and Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He has a lengthy resume as a result of his long career in television and film.

Looking for, what were the best Johnny Depp movies? An aggregate of critical reviews and TV shows a score based on write-ups from said reviews. 

We’ve tabulated here the top Johnny Depp movies:

1. From Hell

The film centers on the horrifying Jack the Ripper killings and was inspired by the graphic novel From Hell. While finding a more sinister Freemason conspiracy, Whitechapel Police Inspector Frederick Abberline rushes against time to stop the Ripper and save the prostitute Mary Kelly, with whom he has fallen in love.

IMDb Rating:/10

Starring: AIan Holm, Heather Graham, Robbie Coltrane, Ian Richardson

Directed by: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

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